Supporting Class Of Your Own

The Class Of Your Own (COYO) is an organisation established in 2009 that aims to deliver an up-to-date, 21st century, digital ‘built environment’ curriculum via its learning programme Design Engineer Construct (DEC!)

The managing director of COYO, Alison Watson created this innovative learning programme and qualifications for students aged 11-18 as she believes education does not currently provide clear pathways into technical and professional careers. The DEC! is a recognised learning programme which has been developed to create and inspire the next generation of built environment professionals.

The DEC! programme offers students level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications using a project-based approach that applies academic subjects to the latest construction industry practices – giving students employability skills and experience.

The DEC! programme is now supported by some of the UK’s leading companies and communities, including The Rumford Club.

The Rumford Club fully support the engineering industry and is a strong supporter of the DEC! programme. Members of the Rumford Club voted to sponsor a school under the Class of Your Own initiative, working closely to support Norbury Manor Business & Enterprise College for Girls, located in Norbury, South London.

In celebration of the Rumford Club’s 70th anniversary we have started the ‘Rumford Club Legacy Initiative’ which aims to help enhance the curriculum by planting an educational ‘acorn’ in order to inspire and enable students to enter rewarding careers that the built environment offers.

Inspiring Students

This initiative gives club members the opportunity to share their knowledge with students, giving them the opportunity to relate to subjects and to benefit from masses of enthusiasm and experience which members of The Rumford Club can share.

As this educational opportunity will continue after the expected 2 year set-up, it will forge a long lasting link with schools and even the students themselves as they progress within their careers in the built environment industry. This will be a lasting legacy.

The COYO strongly feel that the adopted DEC! schools supported by the Rumford Club are adding to their goal of making a positive difference to the world.

An Interview With Alison Watson

2EA® recently interviewed Alison Watson to gain an in-depth insight into what Class of Your Own has to offer and the work they carry out with The Rumford Club. Follow the link below to read the full interview:

COYO, securing the industry’s future – An interview with Alison Watson