Past Rumford Programme


March 2020: Cameron Foly. TBC

February 2020: Robyn Pender, Historic England. “Medieval thermal comfort”

January 2020: Dr Scott Steedman, Director of Standards, BSI. “standards in the industry”

December 2019: Michael Samadhin, Clarke Samadhin Associates. “district cooling in the UAE”

November 2019: Tom Barton, Executive Director of Get it Right Initiative. “Get it Right Initiative”

October 2019: Rudi Klein, CEO of SEC Group. “The Post Carillion Landscape: What needs to change to create a vibrant building services sector”


March 2019: William Orchard. “Is Energy our optimal metric to tackle global warming?”

February 2019: Stephen Lisk, President of CIBSE. “Presidents Speech”

January 2019: Ant Wilson & Mary-Ann Clarke of AECOM. “The Times they are a Changing: His and Her Views.”

December 2018:

November 2018:

October 2018: Dr Stephen Dance, “Urbines”


December 2017: Geoff Taylor “View from the Developer’s end of the telescope”

November 2017: David Frise “Performance Gap? Are we treating the symptoms, not the disease”

October 2017: Max Fordham “The Bigger Picture – A view of the future

April 2017: Martin Liddament: “A debate on the original question posed by the Rumford Club” Read the blog

March 2017: Tony Howard, Head of Education and Training at BESA, on “In this time of austerity, will we still have a recognisable BSE sector or has the sector become fractionalised into traditional trades?” Read the blog

February 2017: Stephen Matthews: “The future of Professional Bodies in the age of austerity: A view from CIBSE” Read the blog

January 2017: Bridget Bartlett: “The future of Professional Bodies in the age of austerity: A view from the CIOB” Read the blog


December 2016: Rudi Klein: “The future of Trade Associations in the age of austerity” Read the blog.

November 2016 – Dr Mike Hammond spoke on “Industry demand for manpower: an analysis of future manpower and skills availability”. Read the blog.

September 2016: Black Tie Dinner at the Caledonian Club. Lord Redesdale spoke as quizmaster. Read the blog.

March 2016 – Fiona Cousins (Arup) and Julia Evans (BSRIA) with Rod Bunn (BSRIA) as facilitator: “Should Integrated Performance Contracts be the norm in the UK by 2020?” Read the blog

February 2016 –  David Arnold (Partner at Troup, Bywaters & Anders) and Stuart Thompson (Senior Design Manager at Morgan Sindall) with Ewen Rose as facilitator: “Will the performance of buildings be helped or hindered by the lack of practical skills in the next generation of design engineers?” Read the blog

January 2016 – Cat Hirst – UK Green Building Council with Alex Smith (CIBSE Journal) as facilitator: “What might the future look like in a world of advancing technology and finite resources?” Read the blog


December 2015 – Benita Mehra – President of WES (Women in Engineering and Science) and Robin Nicholson (Senior Practice Partner, Cullinan Studio) with Rod Bunn (BSRIA) as facilitator: “The recent Edge Commission Report on the Future of Professionalism”. Read the blog

November 2015 – Prof Derek Clements-Croome (Professor of Architectural Engineering at the University of Reading and Les Copeland (Senior Technical Director at WSP/Parsons Brinkerhoff) with Ewen Rose as Facilitator: “What might cities of the Future look like – Biophilic or Smart?”

October 2015 – Neil Sturrock and Yaniv Peer provided keynotes presentations to seed the debate “Can new buildings be truly ground breaking or is innovation simply a copy of the past?”

March 2015 – Brian Moone on “Managing Client Expectations – A Main Contractors View Point” [Download Presentation]

February 2015 – George Adams “A Contractors View of Client Expectations – its all about relationships” [Download Presentation]

January 2015 – Gary Middlehurst on “Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Performance v Productivity Owner Occupier Expectations” [Download Presentation]


December 2014 – Rod Bunn on “Health, wellbeing and productivity – Where next for building metrics?” [Download Presentation]

November 2014 – Derek Allen on “In-house versus outsource – the ascent of ‘data-centre kind'” [Download Presentation]

October 2014 – Anna Carolina Menezes on “Improving Predictions of Operational Energy Performance Of Buildings ” [Download Presentation]

March 2014 – Mark Hughes on F-Gas and a new generation of refrigerants

February 2014 –  George Adams CIBSE president spoke on “Sustainable Cities” joined by the CIBSE/ASHRAE Graduate of the Year 2013 award winner William Holley of Buro Happold, and runners-up Kathryn Dryden of Atkins, and Emily Woodhouse of AECOM. who contributed to “Sustainable Cities”.

January 2014 – Panel debate chaired by Eszter Gulacsy ‘Are there front line issues our industry needs to address before we can fully take advantage of “next gen” tools like BIM?’


December 2013 – Cathie Simpson “Thermography in Action” including hands-on experiments on the night!

November 2013 – Geoff Prudence on “Effective Maintenance Strategies, inspite of BIM, whims and other distractions”

October 2013 – Mark MacCraken on “Cooling systems for the SMART GRID” [Download Presentation]

September 2013 – Claire Malpas was Guest speaker on our Annual Partner’s Dinner.

March 2013 – Rear Admiral Nigel Guild on “Engineering the Warship: a system of systems”

February 2013 – CIBSE President, Professor David Fisk on “Knowing it All? Mega-information but Nano-Knowledge”

January 2013 – Angela Malynn (moderator), Lee Tabis, Chris Marien, Dinachi Onuzo, Georgina Donnelly in our Young engineers dinner presented on the topic “What does sustainability mean to our young engineers”


December 2012 – Professor Sir Deian Rhys Hopkin on “Digital Dumbing Down – The ‘shallowing’ of knowledge and the trivialisation of communication”

November 2012 – Libby Jackson on “The Ultimate Zero Carbon Building? – The International Space Station”

October 2012 – Professor Li Shao on “Extreme weather, climate change and dwelling adaptation”

May 2012 – 65th Anniversary Dinner. Professor Frank James on “Brief early history of the Royal Institution”

April 2012 – ASHRAE President, Ron Jarnagin speaks at Rumford.

March 2012 – Ian Butler from Eurovent Certification Company on “Effective collaboration within the HVAC&R Industry through its associations”

February 2012 – CIBSE President, Andy Ford.

January 2012 – Rob Manning from AECOM on “What future for design, constuction & operation?”


December 2011 – Tim Dwyer from UCL on “BIM Bam or Flim flam – Time to take the lead in Building Information Modelling”

November 2011 – Hywel Davies “Innovation- in a squeeze!” [Download presentation] and some notes to accompany the presentation

October 2011 – Keith Marshall from Summit Skills on “Can Employers Collaborate to Achieve a Genuinely Employer-led Skills System?”

July 2011 – Lord O’Neill of Clackmanan was Guest speaker on our Annual Dinner

April 2011 – George Adams on “A Contractor’s model of good relations”

March 2011 – Nick Till on “Commissioning – reality?? – How commissioning is/is not happening and why”

February 2011 – CIBSE President, Rob Manning.

January 2011 – Robert Higgs asks “One Year on – is the Chief Construction Adviser cutting the mustard?” [Download presentation]


December 2010 – Rod Bunn on “Soft Landings Down Under” [Download presentation]

November 2010 – Graham Manly on “Who’d be a contractor” [Download presentation]

March 2010 – 400th Dinner – Prof Frank James on “Count Rumford” and John Barnes on “Rumford Club History” [Download presentation]

February 2010 – CIBSE President, Mike Simpson – “Meeting the challenge…. The lighting way”

January 2010 – debate entitled “Are zero carbon buildings achievable?”  Speakers, Ashley Bateson & Jules Saunderson


December 2009 – debate entitled “This house believes that Feed-in-Tariffs provide a rapid solution to achieving the UK’s carbon reduction targets” Speakers, Paul Lewis & Brian Marks [Download Paul’s presentation] [Download Brian’s presentation]

November 2009 – debate entitled “Are we developing the right skills/expertise for the Future?” Speakers, Mike Hammond & Martin Ratcliffe [Download Martin’s presentation]

October 2009 – John Field on “Are energy costs leading to better buildings?” [Download John Field’s presentation]

May 2009 – Annual Dinner at the House of Commons – Colin Challon MP

March 2009 – Prof George Jeromides on “Lessons from Nature for Building Design”

February 2009 – CIBSE President, Prof John Swaffield on “Future Visions for CIBSE”

January 2009 – Prof Martin Davis on “After rethinking Construction for ten years, will you accept this challenge – its time for us to take concerted action to do it entirely differently”


December 2008 – Patrick Bellew on “Engineering Sustainable Architecture”

November 2008 – Richard Saxon CBE on “Integration: thoughts on the forces creating convergence in the roles and working methods of the construction professions”

October 2008 – Prof David Fisk on “Are you sure that climate change is the biggest threat to Mankind?”

June 2008 – Annual Dinner at House of Commons – Colin Challon MP

April 2008 – Three speakers on hot topics – William Orchard, Robert Higgs & Ellen Salazar

March 2008 – Prof Tony Day on “London Energy Policy”

February 2008 – Tony Reid on “Engineering Management”

January 2008 – CIBSE President, John Armstrong


December 2007 – debate entitled “The UK Building Services Industry has failed to rise to the challenge of reducing carbon emissions from buildings” Speakers Richard John & Dave Hampton.

November 2007 – Simon Pott on “History of RICS Awards”

October 2007 – 60th Anniversary Dinner at House of Lords – Baroness Maddock

March 2007 – Ken Logan on “Refrigerants – the future”

February 2007 – CIBSE President, David Hughes

January 2007 – Roger Moncur on “Intelligent Business Management”#


December 2006 – Dr John Morton on “The Engineering and Technology Board”

November 2006 – Robin Farley on “Humidity why bother?”

October 2006 – Dr Gary Felgate on “The Carbon Trust”

March 2006 – Rumford Club Patron, Baroness Maddock

February 2006 – Richard Mayson on “Understanding the F word”

January 2006 – CIBSE President, Don Leeper OBE


December 2005 – Prof John Iredale on “And now for something different”

November 2005 – Richard Chitty on “Fire modelling with CFD”

October 2005 – Andrew Giles on “The China Syndrome”

May 2005 – Annual Dinner at House of Commons – Baroness Maddock

March 2005 – Bill Cory on “Fan Technology”

February 2005 – Rick Edmundson on “Railways past and present”

January 2005 –  CIBSE President, Graham Manly


December 2004 – Robert Higgs OBE on “HVCA Centenary”

November 2004 – John McFarland on “Technology in Sport”

October 2004 – Ant Wilson on “Part L 2005 proposals on Energy”